Welcome to our farm!

Our cattle and pigs are both dual purpose animals they can be purchased as pets but they are a great source of high protein lean meat for the health conscious person.

The reason we take pride in our animals is because the quality of life it gives back to us. All our animals have a name and regardless of their purpose, they enjoy happy healthy free range lives. We make sure they eat all the healthy things they should eat and avoid the filler foods they should not. We use high quality hay for all our livestock which feeds and helps our farm produce high quality offspring.

We care about our animals happiness and that is why all of our farm animals are grown with love and high quality foods. Our farm has a plenty of room for our animals to roam about in a fresh and healthy environment. We promote traditional heritage breeds allowing them to grow at natures intended pace.

  • Miniature Scottish Highland Cattle

  • Nigerian Dwarf Goats

  • KuneKune Pigs




Organic Goat Milk soap

and Lotion

Do you want to maintain a youthful, rejuvenating skin? Goat’s Milk is a rich source that contain high levels of fats, proteins and other hormones that not only benefits naturally the normal skin but also be a great medicine for the people suffering from various skin conditions. Goat milk provide us the main ingredient for making goat milk soap.


Healthy Animals

Good and sustainable farming practices are important as world population grows. As a result of growth a demand for safe and high quality animal protein items such as milk and eggs also increases. We maintain and check the health of all our farm animals to help control and prevent any outbreaks based off our farm vet recommendations.

Green Land

We believe that a healthy green grazing field is the most important factor for raising animals in a farm. There are also many factors involved for an effective farming experience such as enough space for animals to roam about, healthy pollution free atmosphere and many more.

Quality Products

We bring 100% natural products without addition of any chemicals and toxins. All our products are natural that is why we deal organic products including eggs, milk, meat, soap and lotion. Our goal is to offer quality products within affordable budget.

arts & craft décor for your home

We also work closely with several of the locals to provide beautiful arts & craft décor for your home.