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Facts about Miniature Scottish Highlands:

You can raise them in any state in America and they’ll thrive, although for best results you should get your miniature Highland from a farm with a climate that’s similar to your own. They have the famous double hair coat with the long, coarse outer layer and the soft wooly inner layer. This coat means that you won’t have any need for special and expensive shelters and barns. This coat also means that they don’t need a heavy layer of fat to insulate themselves against the cold. They marble naturally on lower food amounts and produce high quality, lean, and low fat cuts of beef. The hair sheds out in the spring, and in the warmer climate they just don’t produce as much hair. The Highland breed has been living with humans for hundreds upon hundreds of years, and they’re no problem at all. The early Scots would even keep them in their homes during the winter, with a woven wattle fence to keep the cattle and human areas separate inside. They’re docile, calm. They do not spook easily. Despite their long horns, they’re very easy to work with. More great things about Miniature Scottish Highlands They calve easily, and calving difficulty like dystocia is very uncommon. They can produce well into their late teens, so you don’t need to replace the herd frequently. Once they give birth, they protect and devoted themselves to their young. They are excellent browsers, and you can use them to clear brush lots and improve the grazing. While they are dual purpose cattle which can offer both milk and meat, it is their beef which can really stand out. A study found that their beef is 24% more tender than commercial beef. It also contains 4% less cholesterol, 17% more iron, and 7% more protein.
So if you’re into hobby farming or if you want a pet cow, the miniature Scottish Highland is a great choice. They’re good-looking and unique, they’re very docile, and they can thrive beautifully in even harsh conditions



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  • Our goats prices range from $200 to $600 depending on sex, eye color, coat color/pattern and milk/blood line.
  • Our Kunekune pigs range from $400 to $900 depending on sex and rarity of the blood line.